Drone Light Show Science

You might have been curious to learn how drones fly in formation. It’s a bit of secret sauce and a whole lot of science, the drone light show teams are made up of designers, show producers, computer programmers, and drone builders all working together to create a drone light show.

Drone display shows create a sense of wonder and magic anytime they are preformed and people love to see drones all synchronized together accompanied by a musical score that is a fusion of movement and song that is a feast for the sense and adds elements of warming to the soul.

Computer Programming for drones

Most computer science programming is based on “if/then”—essentially procedural decision making. But in order to have true automation and AI, Drones get modular, become self-aware, and make decisions based on experience, (i.e. like humans) in their style of problem-solving.

Simply put, UAVs developed a “collective mind” in order to swarm in formation, memorize salient observations, and adapt their policies rapidly to new stimuli in their surroundings.

“Multi-robot teams often face problems that require dividing a set of tasks among the team’s robots, so a popular way to allocate tasks [among robots] is with an auction,”Items are sold to the highest or lowest bidder, and we study how communication quality affects the results of the auction.”

In other words, can auctions work if many of the bidders can’t send in their bid? Research indicates that that, yes, it turns out they often still work pretty well. So, when you next see UAVs in formation, there’s not just an enormous amount of aerodynamics keeping them in the air, but smart algorithms enabling purely autonomous behavior within a constantly changing group. Now they just have to build in silencers because there’s nothing stealth about a single drone, let alone 300 in formation.

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