How are drone light shows made?

Drone light show company ready to launch a drone light show

Is there software for drone light shows?

Drone light shows aren’t just entertainment – they’re a powerful demonstration of what drone swarms can do.  How are they made, how does it all work and is it safe?

Drone light Show Company creates live drone light show

“It is marvellous to see a swarm of drones smoothly dancing pre-planned flight formations synchronised with music, displaying 3D shapes, brand logos or messages. The diverse payload options add the WOW effect to any show – smoke generators for daytime shows or LED-lights and fireworks for night shows,” says The Drone Light Show Company “Making this software available the entertainment industry will enrich spectators experience at events like we have already experienced it at the openings of National Football Leagues or the Olympic Games and music festivals.”

We started off as group of drone enthusiasts, we all have backgrounds in televsion and live events and wanted to create shows using drones for theme parks, launch events, corporate events, and trade shows, and to replace fireworks shows for the 4th of July.