Drones that delivery drinks?

Did you know that drones can be used to deliver drinks at your next corporate or marketing event? We normally produce large and small scale drone light shows, however many clients ask for drones to do all kinds of things at their events worldwide

Drones don’t have to look like drones, they can appear as many shapes

space ship drone study 1 from Drone Light Show on Vimeo.

drones can delivery your drinks at your next event

We have worked with companies like Red Bull to develop a drone that literally dropped ( with parachutes ) cans of RED BULL to their spectators at their global events.

We have also delivered drinks at private VIP events with drones, and we have even disguised our drones to appear like bees, spaceships and mascots for video game events.

The possibilities with drones are literally endless, we have little tiny small scale drones that can create an entry way at a wedding, or drones that can outline the shape of a new contraction site to show the scale of the project to your investors.

Drones can look like lots of different shape, not looking like drones at all.

Drones being used to record an elegant dinner evening for Phillip Morris

Drones that look like another shape for a drone show we created