How far away can you see Drone Light Shows?

Some people use drone light shows now instead of fireworks, but how far can you see fireworks in a city vs. How far can see a drone light show display?


We made a video about 4 miles away from our last show recently and wanted to share with you just how far away you can see the show:
how far away can you see a drone light show?

For one thing, the custom rigs our team has built have brighter lights (about 7,000 lumens each), and the aircraft is a bit bigger than Intel’s Shooting Star drones. A larger quadcopter can carry more weight, and “we developed a custom LED board that we attach to the drones,”

Stand back and watch the drone light show with us this year

“We don’t even really view Intel as a competitor,” noting that an Intel show has been reported to cost customers about $250,000 on the low end, increasing rapidly from there, while the drone light show company has a stock drone shows in its repertoire that costs as low as $13,000, inclusive of travel expenses. “It doesn’t really matter (how many drones are used) … you can still create a very dynamic and intriguing show. It really just comes down to your show design.”

“It’s one thing to create a logo,” we say, and “another thing to make it amazing for our clients.” Drone