Advertising with Drone Light Show Drones

Is it possible to do advertising with Drone Light Show Drones? The short answer is yes it really is possible to advertise with drones.

Many of our clients use drone light shows to advertise many events, like movie openings, water parks theme parks, and new food offerings.

From Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show to pizza deliveries, it’s hard to deny the recent boost in the popularity of drones. Advancements in drone technology are both driving down production costs and adding ease of use, which is making drones increasingly accessible to ordinary people.

You see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day, and even more if you live in a city like New York or Chicago. But your recall of these ads is probably close to zero. Doing outdoor advertising the right way is imperative, or it’s simply a waste. Drones offer another way to get your advertising remembered, and shared over social media instantly!

Many of the drones we see at parks and beaches are being flown by hobbyists trying to capture a quality photograph, but drones are evolving in the marketing world as well. In fact, drone technology is at the point where drones are more like a tool rather than a toy when in the right hands. Drone Light Show Company can help you push nearly any message forward using drones and this incredible technology.

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Drones can be used to write words in the sky above your city

Drone light displays are unique and even you are advertising the most boring thing, it just got exciting with a drone light show!

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Use drones as the messengers

Many people associate drones with only video recording, but they can do so much more. In fact, drones can be the stars of a marketing campaign.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers isn’t cheap, and as competition for billboard spaces increases, so do associated costs. Advertising with drones and light shows offers an instant way to interact with your public in a way that they welcome, and remember, unlike some billboard no one cares about.

Cost calculations are based on a system called gross rating points (GRP), the impressions that are delivered by a media schedule for the outdoor location. This is called the daily effective circulation (DEC), also known as a “showing.” One rating point is equal to 1% of the market population. There are many factors involved based on traffic, visibility, location, and size.

This rating gives you a showing score of anywhere from 1% to 100%. Halfway means that at least 50% of the area’s population would see one of your boards at least once a day.

You can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a 50 showing for one month. The price will skyrocket in major areas like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Drone light shows start at just $18,400, unlike a billboard.

Basically, drones are new and intriguing, and some marketers are already capitalizing on the fact that many people simply like to watch drones fly around. Many have what Amazon does in commercials in which Amazon playfully characterizes delivery by drone as the future of package delivery. Whether it will actually happen or not isn’t the point; the point is that Amazon just recorded staff members flying drones around, and people loved it. Drone Light Show company can assist you in making your advertising exciting to all types of people and audiences.

Drones are easy to use in ads

Drones can travel almost anywhere, which makes them an ideal advertising platform. Traditionally, marketing consisted of print ads, TV commercials, billboards, and Internet ads, but drones provide new opportunities that marketers can take advantage of. We can do light shows over water, bridges, cities, and stadiums. Just about anyplace.

Whereas advertising platforms such as signs and billboards are stationary and passive, drones can take a company’s message to people directly and aggressively. For instance, some restaurants and other advertisers are using drones to their advantage by using them to fly menus around cities and hold banners and posters above people at large events.

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Drone advertisements, depending on local law, can fly almost anywhere. Potential customers at the park or in an office building are now directly reachable, making drone advertising its own platform full of potential to engage the public. We hold all needed permits to make this happen.

Yes, you can advertise new products such as cars, drone light shows, can actually do advertising campaigns in the sky.

In addition to the numerous straightforward ways marketers can use drones as a tool, they can also use the technology’s unlimited potential for creativity. That is, a drone doesn’t just have to be a character, a billboard, or a camera; it can also be a component of art.

How to use drone ads properly

Drone technology will likely continue to evolve and expand, and, as such, it’s important for marketers to keep themselves informed of these advancements. People are still figuring out new uses for drones and as the technology improves, the novel utility will increase.

If marketers can stay ahead of the curve, it will not be difficult for them to use drone technology to create new, exciting, and visually pleasing advertising material.

For example, and Comic-Con a2018 Drone light show company created a series of drone light show events that were 90 seconds in length. All around Comic-Con advertising a new show for YouTube.

  • Make your outdoor drone shows shareable: Approach your outdoor drone shows as something that will create a stir. People will see it, record it, and share it on social media. It’s not a good use of your time and money if it doesn’t possess this quality.
  • Spend your money on high-traffic sites: You might be tempted to buy cheaper units and more of them, but it’s far better to go with one site that will get a million views rather than five sites that will get 800,000. People are drawn to drone light shows and they love them.
  • Look at the competition: Perhaps the best example of this comes from a billboard by Audi. It simply said, “Your move, BMW.” Then BMW put up a billboard a week later that said “Checkmate.” You don’t want to leave yourself open to ridicule, so study the area and select sites that won’t pose a problem. A drone show trumps them all.
  • Less is more: Outdoor advertising catches the eye for a second or two—if you’re lucky. You don’t want to saturate the ad with messages and calls to action. Keep it simple and let a few words and stunning visuals grab consumers’ attention. Think of outdoor media as a conversation starter. It’s not there to inform, but merely to intrigue. Drones that form a simple shape mean more than anything.

Concerts use drones and drone light shows to promote merchandise and upcoming shows and sports teams put their logos in the sky to remind fans it’s time to buy tickets.

While drones swarm effortlessly in the skies, forming various shapes and patterns, getting them to work is a laborious task that requires pinpoint accuracy. And each performance must be customized, taking into consideration, weather, terrain, local regulations and network connectivity.

The drones, equipped with remote sensors and LED lights, are controlled in groups, or individually. Precision is key when controlling the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), with designers having to make sure there is a safe distance both between the drones and with the audience, while simultaneously making sure they are moving according to the rhythm of the music and the pulse of the audience.

Drone light show company can help you advertise with drones. This is the newest method of using drone light shows and drone displays for product launches.

Each drone weighs less than a pound, yet it can create more than 4 billion different color combinations. Drone light show company describes this as “virtually a billion color combinations.” Drone light show company’s software can check the entire fleet of drones before a show, enabling it to “select the most optimized drones for each flight based on battery life, GPS reception and more.” They are high tech and far out.

Drones form enormous billboards in the skies at a fraction of the cost

Maybe there’s a universal fascination with objects in the sky — and replacing fireworks with aerial drone shows will inevitably become the next logical step. One excited fan has even joked that if humanity stays on this trajectory, we’ll someday be telling our grandkids about our long-ago memories of fireworks on the Fourth of July. Drone Light Shows are the best for advertising, product launches and your next event as well

As technology in this arena becomes more advanced, more can be done to make these displays more engaging.

5G and machine learning, in particular, will be pivotal in this game of drones.  5G’s low latency will enable more precision when it comes to location tracking, allowing drones to form even more intricate formations closer to each other and also control over greater distances. Drone Light Show Company can always help you go further with your show.

Meanwhile, advancements in machine learning will allow drones to move more seamlessly in swarms – like a murmuration of birds or extinct creatures from long ago.

Fireworks may still be the preferred choice for large-scale events in the coming years, but drone performance shows may well start giving greater bang for the buck with less pollution and more sparkle in clear skies. Drone light shows beat fireworks and for advertising, they can’t be beat

Drones can replicate logos and make Drone Light Show advertising work for you

Get ready for drones at your event

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