Drone Light shows around the world

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Drone light shows started in Austria in 2011, and we began doing Drone light shows in 2012. Drone Light shows while being a decade old are still considered the next hot thing in event entertainment.

While we are based in America, we perform drone light shows in countries all the world



  • Best places for drone light shows in 29 countries
  • Sydney, Australia – Harbour Of Light Parade & drone light show
  • Edinburgh, Scotland – Street Dance, Concerts, & drone light show
  • New York, United States –drone light show & Concerts
  • Berlin, Germany – Street Parties, Food & drone light show
  • Paris, France –drone light show & Cruise Parties
  • London, England – Royal Parades & drone light show
  • Hawaii, Pacific US – Outdoor Music Concerts & drone light show
  • Miami, Florida – Dance-a-Thons & drone light show
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Street Parties, Drinks & drone light show
  • Bahamas – Parades, Masquerades & drone light show
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – drone light show At Copacabana Beach
  • Hong Kong, China – A Dragon drone light show
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – Lit Street Parties & drone light show
  • Bangkok, Thailand – Night-long Parties & drone light show
  • Cape Town, South Africa – Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival
  • Valparaíso, Chile – drone light show
  • Madrid, Spain – Traditional ‘Twelve Grapes’ drone light show
  • Dubai, UAE – Fountain Shows & drone light show Over Burj
  • St. Petersburg, Russia – drone light show Over Newa River
  • Vienna, Austria –drone light show
  • Bratislava, Slovakia – Open-air Dance Parties & drone light show
  • Reykjavik, Iceland – Concerts &drone light show At Reykjavik Theatre
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – Live Concerts & drone light show
  • Moscow, Russia – Biggest Display Of drone light show
  • Tokyo, Japan –drone light show & Parties At Yokohama
  • Athens, Greece – drone light show
  • Venice, Italy – drone light show At St Mark’s Square
  • Denpasar, Bali – Tet Festival drone light show
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Traditional Parades & drone light show
  • Drone Light Shows in America
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America has a few main hotbeds for drone light shows, and we have done shows in all the most popular areas. America is governed by the FAA and with an FAA permit, we are allowed to perform drone light shows in the United States.

Now with our drone swarm permit, we have access to do drone light shows for you in nearly any part of America, and we also have drones, crews, and the ability to not only work in America, but we also work worldwide as well.

How to be ready for a
drone light display show

Like most event planners, your first task for any drone light show is securing a venue. It is the most important piece of any event. In most cases, the other details can’t even be arranged until the venue has been decided.

“Yes, cuisine and entertainment are also important factors,” recalls Jeff Winston of Drone Events. But the venue sets the scene, dictates many choices related to the event, and influences the experiences of your guests probably more than any other factor.”

Plus, you need to know the venue before you can begin inviting attendees and arranging presenters and performers and the drone light show.

Even though selecting a venue the first take, it’s also the most difficult. There’s a lot to think about and a lot riding on your choice. Here are the variables you should consider when choosing a venue for a drone light show.

Drone Light shows are easy to set up for anybody

1. Cost (and your budget)

As you can imagine, everything comes down to cost, so we’ve listed it first. Your drone light show will take up a significant portion of your budget.

2. Ambiance and mood

Creating an atmosphere that relates to your topic and appeals to your audience is a critical part of setting up an engaging drone light show. Modifying or decorating a venue is expensive, so it’s smart to choose one that already aligns with your theme.

If you want to create a luxury atmosphere, choose a ritzy hotel. If you want to create a trendy scene, rent a modern space. If you’re hosting a tradeshow, choose something industrial and open. Drone light shows can be held indoors or outdoors so its very simple.

3. Capacity and size

Every building is limited by the number of people who can occupy it at any time. Some rooms are limited as well. Before you start sending invitations, it’s important to make sure the venue can legally and comfortably accommodate your guest list. A drone light show can be held in rooms with at least 12 foot ceilings. So we are used to tight spaces.

“It is important to ask questions like ‘How tight will the seating be?’ Will your guests be able to move freely through the venue space without any uncomfortable hindrances on their movement? How big does the space feel? Is it cozy and comfortable? Is it open and spacious? Two venues with the exact same max capacity might feel entirely differently based on room layout.” For a drone light show outdoors is massive but inside is intimate.

4. Access to Wifi

A strong Internet connection throughout the venue is absolutely critical these days. Your attendees will expect to be able to check their email, text their friends and family, and post to social media throughout your event, especially if it takes place over several days. Make sure the venue has an excellent Wifi connection that’s strong throughout the entire space. We at drone light show company bring our own network, so we do not need yours.

5. Parking

Parking is a deciding factor for many people. They need somewhere to leave their car, but they aren’t willing to abandon it on the street or pay $50 for a day’s spot.

Ideally, your venue should have some parking arrangements, even if access requires an additional fee. If parking is important for your guests, choose a venue that has their own lot/garage or a venue where parking space can be secured nearby.

In unique situations, some event coordinators provide a valet service for attendees, even if the venue doesn’t. Valets ferry cars back and forth to nearby lots. (This solution is generally only suitable for events with large budgets.)

Drone shows in California are popular

6. Insurance

We provide 5 million in insurance coverage and do not need you to do anything more than give us the names of the companies that need to be on the COI for the drone light show.

7. Acoustics and sound

If the sound in the venue is too low or too loud, your attendees will become unengaged and bored. No one wants to cram up front to hear the speaker or have to shout over the volume to chat with their friends.

A venue with poor acoustics isn’t worth your time, no matter the price. Low ceilings amplify sound. Huge open spaces create echoes. Find a venue with a good balance. Test it out if you have to. We can plug in to your sound system or bring our own and our drones also have speakers. We have it covered.

8. Location

Location is an important concern because it can influence who attends your event (attendees and speakers). If your venue is in an undesirable location or too far from transport systems (like airports), you’ll limit the number of people who show up. Then again, a venue in the heart of New York City is accessible, but expensive. We can set up a drone light show anywhere.

9. Technology

Your technology needs will depend on your event, so it’s smart to have an idea of the types of attractions you’ll host. Professional presenters will need projection screens. Performers might need lighting systems. Everyone needs access to good audio. We are able to bring everything we need.

10. Food and beverage minimums

If your venue will be providing food and beverages, ask them about minimums. In some cases, a venue will charge you for a minimum number of guests, even if you don’t invite that many. If, for instance, the venue supplies food (and charges you) for a minimum of 300 people, you’ll want to make sure you invite at least that many so you get your money’s worth. The drone light show team does not need anything as we are self-sufficient.

drone light show company

11. Layout

  • How will traffic flow throughout your event?
  • Do you anticipate any popular attractions? Where would those be located?
  • Is there adequate space for open mingling?
  • Where will the bar setup? Is there enough room?
  • If a stage isn’t available, can one be set up?
  • Do people have to walk long distances to reach rooms or attractions?
  • Where are the emergency exits?
  • Where will guests register or check in?
  • Where should audio and video equipment be stationed?
  • Drones can be launched from up to two miles away.

12. Additional services

  • Is there a kitchen that can be used by you and your team?
  • Are there any outdoor seating options?
  • Does the venue have any partnerships with food vendors?
  • Are bathrooms present and easily accessible?
  • Does the venue offer security? Is that necessary?
  • Do they have adequate tables, chairs, linens, silverware, etc.?
  • Will a cleaning crew make sure the venue is clean before the event and clean up afterwards?
  • Are there sufficient audio and video capabilities?

13. Special access/amenities

Consider the ages of your guests as well. If you expect babies, make sure the restrooms have changing tables. If you expect an older crowd, make sure there is plenty of seating.

The most popular regions within the United States for Drone Light Shows since 2014 have been the following areas:

  • Los Angeles Drone Light Shows
  • Las Vegas Drone Light Shows
  • New York City Drone Light Shows
  • Miami Florida Drone Light Shows
  • Memphis Drone Light Shows
  • Texas Drone Light Shows
  • Arizona Drone Light Shows
  • San Francisco Drone Light Shows

Permits for these cities are covered with the FAA. Drone Light Shows operate with FAA permits that are good for 5 years straight.

Other countries around the world that are seeing a huge increase in Drone Light Shows include the following:

  • Dubai Drone Light Shows

Dubai is a very friendly place for Drone light shows, and we have a set of 500 drones located in Dubai for use in drone light shows in the region.

Drone light show provider in the middle east

  • Mexico Drone Light Shows – In Mexico, the government requires that 80% of the drones used in drone light shows be made in Mexico and that the crew is 90% Mexican. To do drone shows in Mexico, we have built a set of drones in Mexico and they are kept in Mexico and we have a crew that we call on, along with our USA crew to perform shows legally in Mexico.

  • Argentina Drone Light Shows – Argentina and most of South America is very friendly for Drone Light Shows and we have done many drone light shows in the area with great success


  • Germany Drone Light Shows
  • China Drone Light Shows

  • India Drone Light Shows – India is a place with lots of horrible laws for drone light shows, first off their is a high tariff to perform drone light shows there, outdoor shows are almost never approved in India, however Indoor drone light shows are ok within India. We have addressed this by partnering with a drone company in India and have built and trained a team in India to perform the drone shows there without the need to import the drones.