Live Holograms for Concerts and Events

We can create realistic amazing LIVE 3D holograms for your concert or your event. We can combine the holograms with the drones for an amazing ultra realistic effect.

Standard 3d Hologram

The holographic people we’ve seen are based off of an illusion called “Pepper’s Ghost,” developed by Henry Dircks and John Pepper in 1863. The concept requires two rooms, some specifically placed glass and carefully controlled lighting. A room adjacent to the viewing area (or stage) is set up as a mirror-image of the area the audience sees; if there’s a chair on the right of the stage, it’s on the left in the other room. The key difference is that other room is either painted black or entirely unlit, so as not to cast any unwanted reflections that would break the suspension of disbelief. That room is where the performer resides. The stage area must be brightly lit at first for the whole thing to work. Then, the stage’s lights are dimmed slightly and the lights are raised in the mirror-image room, which causes the not-physical performer to appear.

The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center is using holograms to help visitors learn about the experiences of people during the Holocaust.

Because of that, the modern setup requires only one room: the stage. Typically, it involves the Musion screen to be at a 45-degree angle with the projector residing beneath the stage, pointing and projecting upward. For the Jackson performance, however, it was a bit different. Six projectors threw the King of Pop’s video on a rear-projection screen hanging above the stage. The angled Musion screen picked that projection up, and from the audience’s perspective, he appeared at the back of the stage. Careful placement of dancers and band members added to the illusion of depth and dimension.

“It’s a fully produced, scripted show. We’re not replicating a concert only. We are creating a concert experience. “You’re going to see the holographic image interacting with the band or with the conductor or making mistakes, getting flowers, whatever the case is. It’s all in the writing and the script and the choreography and the production.”

Fully created 3D creation hologram