Prices for Intel Drone Light Shows?

Intel is the largest producer of Drone Light Shows in the world and their show prices reflect the large corporation that they are, for example the bottom level of shows with intel are 200 drones, that start at $150,000.

Drone Light Show Company shows cost far less with our drone packages starting at 200 drones for $26,100 starting price.

Intel prices start at $150,000 for 200 drones

What's the difference, is one show better than the other?

Patrick Deans

Show Producer

  • Drone light show costs $18,400 for 100 drones with 10 custom formations 
  • Drone light show costs $26,100 for 200 drones with 12 custom formations 
  • Drone light show costs $35,200 for 300 drones with 12 custom formations 
  • Drone light show costs $43,200 for 400 drones with 12 custom formations 
  • Drone light show costs $50,800 for 500 drones with 12 custom formations 

Why are our prices less than the Intel drone light show?

We keep a set of drones in 18 locations across the planet near the hottest markets for drone light shows and we have local crews ready to perform the shows locally. Drone Light shows for 2022 are hot!

We produce and create the programming locally in Los Angeles and then beam the show programming over the internet. So in a way we are always local, we also do most shows with a variety of stock formations with a few custom made formations, this drastically reduces the cost of the shows compared to Intel.

Intel shows primarily are 100% custom, our shows can be 100% custom as well, but we find most clients, want a drone light show with pre-made formations and choose to add just one or two custom formations thus allowing for a show in 2-3 weeks and for a fraction of the industry leader.

Is there a difference between intel drone light shows and your shows?

Yes, there is and the first is price, and the reason is we act locally and fly a minimum of crew to your locations. We have trained crews in 12 markets across the world that can travel a much shorter distance than intel and their crews, in addition our costs s a small company are much less than a large billion dollar corporation, and we are hungry and eat, breathe, and sleep drones, its in our DNA and we have done it since 2014, a year before intel, we get it and we know how to do multiple shows quickly and and we are ready to show you. 

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