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Before our zoom call here are some basic details for your Drone light Show event

  • Most typical shows require a timeline of 3-8 weeks from the initial meeting to the execution of the show, but all drone shows are unique to the client, so even this metric varies depending on the show.

  • We also offer delivery with drones ( drinks, objects etc ) and we also offer projection mapping and holograms and these are detailed at the end of this email.
  • Yes we can do large QR codes in the sky as well - that can offer email capture, downloads and more, prices start at $20,000 for a QR code only in the sky here is a sample video of that. 
  • Our HQ is in Los Angeles, California, and this is where our creative show design comes from, ( our command and control ) but we have 7 sets of drones + Crews in the United States in the hottest markets ( Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Denver, Atlanta, and Memphis )  

  • Internationally, we  have ground crews in Dubai, India, South America, Hong Kong, and two ground crews in the EU ( Poland and France ) - In short we have teams that can be less than a days travel of just about anywhere!

  • In total we have 18 sets of drones and drone ground crews globally and that allows us to do up to 18 shows on the same day and saves our clients on travel and shipping fees as we are able to work like locals in most of the hottest drone show markets in the world. ( Good when it comes to Covid restrictions and allows us to be in the area faster! )

Drone Show QR codes are very popular with all size companies

No matter what type of package you choose we offer all- inclusive pricing  ( everything is included )

  • Our pricing is “all inclusive”
  • Price includes custom programming
  • Price includes shipping
  • Price includes crew costs
  • Price includes accommodations for our crew 
  • Price includes travel 
  • Price includes drones 


  • An average drone light show is 10-2 minutes with typically 20 formations per show but we have done shows as long as 4 hours and short as 30 seconds - every show is unique to the client. ( We can do any length you need )

  • We  work with you to create a custom music soundtrack or can work with a live band or musicians

  • We also provide storyboards of your event and allow you to drive the creative choices long before we start programming.

Price options are below ( these are just a guide, we can customize to your needs )

Each package includes:

  • 5 custom formations that you may choose ( logo, words, image, face, hash tag, 
  • Includes up to 12 stock ( pre-made ) formations  ( we have done shows for 9+ years and have most basic shapes for holidays, events etc, the best thing to do is just make a list of what kind of shapes you want and for the most part we will have them pre-built ( outside-of custom logos, QR codes etc )
  • Add on custom formations are $1000 each ( logos, shapes, words )
  • We typically hook into your existing sound system, but we can provide a sound system for a fee.

Option 1   - 100 drones  

TOTAL COST $18,400 total all inclusive

$10,000 down payment due on contract signing, via wire, ACH, or crypto

No other payment methods accepted for first time clients

$8400 due within 30 days of show performance

Option 2   - 200 drones  

TOTAL COST $26,100 per show

$16,100 down payment due on contract signing, via wire, ACH, or crypto

No other payment methods accepted for first time clients

$10,000 due within 30 days of show performance

Option 3   - 300 drones  

TOTAL COST $35,200  per show 

$25,200 down payment due on contract signing, via wire, ACH, or crypto

No other payment methods accepted for first time clients

$10,000 due within 30 days of show performance

Option 4 - 400 drones  

TOTAL COST $43,200  per show 

$30,000 down payment due on contract signing, via wire, ACH, or crypto

No other payment methods accepted for first time clients

$13,200 due within 30 days of show performance

Option 5  - 500 drones  

TOTAL COST $53,100  per show 

$26,550 down payment due on contract signing, via wire, ACH, or crypto

No other payment methods accepted for first time clients

$26,550 due within 30 days of show performance

Option 6  - 1000 drones  

TOTAL COST $88,100  per show 

$35,550 down payment due on contract signing, via wire, ACH, or crypto

No other payment methods accepted for first time clients

balance due within 30 days of show performance

We also do projection mapping as well, if your event would like to create an even more immersive experience on the walls, sides of the building and floors

Projection mapping costs

  • 5 minutes of 3D Projection Mapping $7000  
  • 10 minutes of 3D Projection Mapping $9500  
  • 15 minutes of 3D Projection Mapping $13000  

We also offer projection mapping services as well

Quick drone light show facts:

  • We handle all the the permits for either outdoors or indoor shows
  • We have our own 5 million dollar insurance coverage
  • We do work with you to create a custom music soundtrack
  • We also provide storyboards of your event and work with you on them.
  • You can ask us more questions when we talk in our zoom meeting.

            Next steps and requirements:

  1. We create and agree to terms and sign a contract for your project
  2. We create timeline of events and deadlines for your project, that we both agree upon
  3. Show contract is signed and countersigned electronically.
  4. A deposit is required before any start of work begin via wire, or ACH payment only ( no other methods )
  5. You choose the creative and logistical directions for your event or show with us in an creative meeting
  6. We may request any artwork and your team and our team make a  list of the shapes and/or wording /logos/ QR codes and the order you  would like this to be in for your show - we do this over the phone and guide you. Its as simple as a numbered list saying what order the show is
  7. We discuss a music sound track and build that sound track for your show ( if required)
  8. We create a storyboard of your show with the art work and ideas that show the various formations
  9. We present the PDF and the music track ( if applicable )
  10. Once approved we create an animated video that shows how the show will look and feel in real time.
  11. Once you approve this  stage,  we begin to program the drones
  12. Programming /coding takes place and then our ground team takes the programming and flashes the individual drones with the programming
  13. Rehearsal takes place and a video is sent to you for one last approval. - Any changes are made
  14. Your show is then packed into crates and shipped to your location
  15. Our team then unpacks and charges the show and does a rehearsal with your team and at this time changes such as timing and order can be done - this can be done at the show location or in an open field, or parking lot near your location if needed.
  16. Our team then performs your show at your location and the crowd goes wild! 

Common questions we get from new clients everyday:

  1. Do you handle all permitting to be able to do this on the beach or how does this work?

  •  Yes all drone companies have 5 year FAA license have permits to operate anywhere in America. We handle the NOTAM ( Notice to Airman ) and we handle all this 

  1. If the permit cannot be obtained so we get our deposit back?

  • Yes of course but we and all other drone companies are already permitted with the FAA - there is not a worry about that at all. 

  1. If this gets cancelled because of Covid - Do we get our deposit back?

  •  In case of COVID 19 related lockdowns or reasons related to COVID, show can be postponed at no cost or refunded back to client in full. 

  1. Do we need to add anything to our insurance and we would want to be named additional insured on your insurance and we will need a copy of that as well
  • Yes there is a standard 5 million dollar policy, we usually add everyone to the COI and all parties just need to have their names and full address and contact person to be added to the list 

  1. Is there any issue with using trademarked art? Any risks here for you/us?
  • It would be ours as we are doing the formations and design work
  1. Can you send me information about your staging area needs?

  • We can launch and land up to 2 miles from the performance area, We typically like 1500 square feet, we can use parking lots, parks, or the roof of our transport vans to launch and land. We can also launch from barges on the river or ocean if space is tight

  • We handle the power requirements  as whenever we ask for power there is always and issue, so we ran out of trust on this one, so we are self contained

Drone Light Show


Drone Light Show Company

  • Hello and welcome to the Drone Light Show company, Where we think it's fun, to do the impossible.

  • The drone light show company is one of America's oldest drone light show production companies, we began in 1993 as video production company working as cinematographers and video editors for major Hollywood productions for 20 years.
  • In 2011 we began to experiment with the new technology of drones using them in photography for several Jeep commercials we were producing at the time. Our clients loved the new drone cinematography that we were helping to pioneer in the film industry.
  • At the same time we launched the projection mapping company to leverage our expertise in video initially for theme park events, and then moved on to automotive events and other high profile corporate events.

  • In  late 2012 one of our clients asked if we could string several drones together to create a Christmas drone light show for his event. We had no idea if we could and so we worked with our software teams and created a rudimentary autonomous drone show using 30 drones, the audience and our client loved it, and thus our drone show division was born.

  • Over the next few years we went from 30 drones to over 500 and clients such as Sea World, Universal Studios, Kia Motors, Hyundai, Disney, Red Bull and Phillip Morris quickly became our first clients where we created some of the first drone light shows in the United States. Today we have over 8000 drones placed in the hottest markets globally.

  • In 2015 the city of Dubai, asked our company to create a drone light show for their national day celebration and this was our first drone show over 1000 drones, and opened up our international division.
  • Within a short time we started working not only in Dubai but also nearby Saudi Arabia and then we expanded to Hong Kong, India and South America. We quickly began to train ground crews locally in these countries as this allowed us to ship and store drone equipment in several countries and maintain a ground crew in these countries as well.
  • The Uk was next as we held drone shows for major concert tours there and soon expanded to provide drone shows all over the European Union.
  • In late 2017 several theme parks and casinos asked us to do longer term drone shows for their properties, they were looking to do drone shows as many as 3-5 times a day over 6-12 week periods. Because of this we began to offer packages of our drone light show drones for sale, along with on-site training for clients needing to purchase drones for longer term projects.
  • We offer from 25 drones all the way to 1000 drones for purchase all with a full 5 year warranty and full tech support to create your own drone light shows at your location.
  • Our main team is in Los Angeles California and from there we do all the creative design and work on the drone shows no matter where they are in the world.
  • Our creative teams are and have always been working remotely all over the globe, and this allows us to be working nearly 24 hours, 7 days a week for our thousands of brand clients and agencies and cities across the globe.
  • When the creative is all set, the client previews the work and the drone code is sent over the internet to the ground team in the relevant area of the world, this method allows us to offer tremendous cost savings over other drone companies as we work from a central location but we have hardware and ground crews local to the major drone markets across the planet.
  • Now a few things to note, not all drone light shows are major public events, many of our projects are for private events, corporate events, hotel and condo openings, firework replacement shows during 4th of July, and of course New Years Eve drone light shows too.
  • The average drone show in America is 300-500 drones, where in Dubai we average over 1000 drones per show, QR codes with drones and fireworks replacement shows are among the most popular shows we create for our clients.

  • We also are one of the few companies to also offer indoor drone light shows for theme parks, cruise ships, conventions and corporate and private events as well.
  • We are the drone light show company and we cant wait to make drone magic with you. 

Drone Show Product Launch

Convention Center Drones

300 Drones in a show

Making a face with drones

Drone Light Show Company 

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